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Merge branch 'master' into v3

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......@@ -19,15 +19,18 @@ def _owo(string: str) -> str:
async def hello_route(request):
"""Give basic information about the instance."""
cfg =
return response.json({
'name': cfg.INSTANCE_NAME,
'version': VERSION,
'invite': cfg.MAIN_INVITE,
'support_email': cfg.SUPPORT_EMAIL,
'ban_period': cfg.BAN_PERIOD,
'ip_ban_period': cfg.IP_BAN_PERIOD,
'rl_threshold': cfg.RL_THRESHOLD,
'accepted_mimes': cfg.ACCEPTED_MIMES,
Subproject commit 5236f5e040b57adc23c6018526019bc096f539ff
Subproject commit 5dc606cefb6646e8d628e1d89cd1a0b7eeea04c5
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