How to join

  1. Register account on gitlab.com
  2. Set a public mail (will be used for slack invitation):
    1. Login in to your account
    2. Go to your profile
    3. In Main settings section set any Role and choose your public email.
    4. Submit changes by Update profile settings button.
  3. Request access to Adept group.

A public email on Gitlab is required for our software to automatically send you an invitation to a Slack group. If you do not have a public email on Gitlab then our software will automatically reject your request to join ElenX.

The request should be accepted or rejected (see the section below) in 15 minutes (cron).


  1. Access request was rejected due to incorrect email configuration. See the section above to correctly config your account.
  2. Access request was not accepted due to our internal software problems. Contact us via [email protected] to manually resolve this problem.