Welcome to Elron's GT-MP Framework documentation!

What is Elron's GT-MP Framework?




Where do i begin?

Take a look at our Getting Started page to create your first example gamemode.
Explore the possibilities at our Example Resources page.
Don't forget the build-in Basic Commands.

Where do i find more informations?

Use the Client and Server API pages as your primary reference pages.
We are updating the framework frequently. Check any made changes in our Changelog.

Issues and Constributions

You can report issues into our Bugtracker.
Feel free to request access to our repository. Maybe we will contact you. 😉

Special Thanks

Rockstar for creating this awesome game.
Guad for his incredible work for the community.
Adam for creating the basic platform.
Msk for making a better project possible.
DurtyFree for his development.
Miss for her assistent.
Trust37 for his technical knowledge.
razzkulz for managing such a great community.