Commit 30b021ba authored by eladnoor's avatar eladnoor

changing the example pathway analysis file name, and removing hard-coded Keq values

parent 4952dbf7
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......@@ -100,7 +100,7 @@ Download an example pathway, run Max-min Driving Force analysis and generate two
from equilibrator_api import Pathway
from urllib.request import urlopen
url = ""
url = ""
pp = Pathway.from_sbtab(urlopen(url))
mdf_res = pp.calc_mdf()
print('MDF = %s' % mdf_res.mdf)
......@@ -31,17 +31,6 @@ flux adh 2
!!SBtab TableID='Parameter' TableType='Quantity' Document='Pathway Model' SBtabVersion='1.0' pH='7.00' 'IonicStrength='100 mM'
!QuantityType !Reaction !Value !ID
equilibrium constant glucokinase 1061.24772470112 kEQ_R0
equilibrium constant pgi 0.360889245415876 kEQ_R1
equilibrium constant pfk 190.14472323307 kEQ_R2
equilibrium constant ald 0.000745159162699 kEQ_R3
equilibrium constant tim 0.109662570962434 kEQ_R4
equilibrium constant gapdh 0.043290979452048 kEQ_R5
equilibrium constant pgk 1716.16163695823 kEQ_R6
equilibrium constant pgm 0.182159355264605 kEQ_R7
equilibrium constant eno 5.19572002201854 kEQ_R8
equilibrium constant pdh 71137.9254008532 kEQ_R9
equilibrium constant pyruvate_decarboxylase 1620.6623703988 kEQ_R10
equilibrium constant adh 6320.79405106526 kEQ_R11
!!SBtab TableID='ConcentrationConstraint' TableType='Quantity' Document='Pathway Model' SBtabVersion='1.0'
!QuantityType !Compound !Compound:Identifiers !Concentration:Min !Concentration:Max
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