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......@@ -221,7 +221,24 @@ You can earn a maximum of 3 extra points on your final score if you complete all
6. What is one thing you will take with you after reading this article?
7. Is it beneficial _for you_ to read articles from disciplines other than computer science? Why or why not?
#### RR7: TBA
#### RR7: Human Factors
As always the goal of this reading response is to help prepare you for class. However, perhaps even more than usual, it will be helpful for you to come to class WITH YOUR ANSWERS on hand -- either printed or on your computer in digital format.
Although each reading is on a slightly different topic, the questions are the same for each one. Anywhere you see `<your topic>` insert the topic area you read about. It should be one of the words in this list: Affordance, Mental Model, Distributed Cognition, ...
1. Briefly define `<your topic>`.
2. Give two good examples of `<your topic>` in practice.
3. Give one bad example of a technology or other situation where the principle behind `<your topic>` is ignored or violated.
4. Why is `<your topic>` relevant to HCI researchers or practitioners?
5. How could `<your topic>` be applied to your class project?
6. One additional takeaway or question you had related to the reading.
#### RR8: TBA
......@@ -238,7 +238,7 @@ When design isn't about fixing things
### Week 8
#### Meeting 1: Human Factors
#### Meeting 1: Human Factors & Foundations
In this class we will look at some things we already know about people! And discuss how this knowledge can be applied to design. It is not always necessary to reinvent the wheel with new research ;)
......@@ -247,13 +247,15 @@ In this class we will look at some things we already know about people! And disc
- Read Before Class [[RR7](../readings/)]:
1. **Fitt's Law**: Karafillis, Anastasios. 2012. "When You Shouldn't Use Fitts Law To Measure User Experience." *Smashing Magazine (Online Magazine)*, December. <>.
2. **Affordances**: Gaver, William W. 1991. "Technology Affordances." In *Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems*, 79--84. CHI '91. New York, NY, USA: ACM. <>.
3. **Mental Models**: TBA <!-- TODO: find good reading --> pp. 88-92, textbook?
4. **Distributed Cognition**: James Hollan, Edwin Hutchins, and David Kirsh. 2000. Distributed cognition: toward a new foundation for human-computer interaction research. _ACM Trans. Comput.-Hum. Interact._ 7, 2 (June 2000), 174–196. DOI:<>
5. **Constraints** & **Consistency**: TBA <!-- TODO: find good reading -->
6. **Accessibility**:
3. **Mental Models**: (Read both):
- Jakob Nielsen. 2010. "Mental Models" _NN/g Nielsen Norman Group_, <>
- Willet Kempton & Jean Lave. 1983. Book Review of _Mental Models_ by Dedre Gentner & Albert L Stevens. _American Anthropologist_, vol. 85, no. 4, pp. 85-88. <>
4. **Distributed Cognition**: Edwin Hutchins. 1995. "How a Cockpit Remembers its Speeds." _Cognitive Science_, 19, pp. 265-288. [Author PDF](
5. **Direct Manipulation**: Edwin L. Hutchins, James D. Hollan & Donald A. Norman (1985) Direct Manipulation Interfaces, Human–Computer Interaction, 1:4, 311-338, [PSU Library Link]( (If that doesn't work, just look it up at PSU library, you can access it for free through EBSCO host).
6. **Intermediation**: Nithya Sambasivan, Ed Cutrell, Kentaro Toyama, and Bonnie Nardi. 2010. Intermediated technology use in developing communities. In Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI ’10). Association for Computing Machinery, New York, NY, USA, 2583–2592. <>
7. **Accessibility** (Read Both):
- Microsoft. n.d. "Inclusive: A Microsoft Design Toolkit." Accessed December 28, 2017. <>. Read the **Manual**, and review the **Activities** booklet.
- UK Home Office Posters: <>
- <!-- TODO: What else? Heuristics Lists? -->
- In Class:
- Human Factors Jigsaw Groups
- Develop a list of 8-12 relevant criteria for your project
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