Commit c46cf2bd authored by Vinicius Brand's avatar Vinicius Brand

Corrected error in LDAP user creation

Signed-off-by: Vinicius Brand's avatarVinicius Cubas Brand <[email protected]>
parent 820d9a4f
......@@ -621,8 +621,8 @@ class User_LDAP extends BackendUtility implements \OCP\IUserBackend, \OCP\UserIn
if ($dn = $this->userPluginManager->createUser($username, $password)) {
if (is_string($dn)) {
//updates group mapping
$this->access->connection->writeToCache("userExists".$username, null);
$this->access->dn2ocname($dn, $username, true);
$this->access->connection->writeToCache("userExists".$username, true);
} else {
throw new \Exception("LDAP Plugin: Method createUser changed to return the user DN instead of boolean.");
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