Commit 5c26855d authored by rebelCoder's avatar rebelCoder

Lesson 3: GC Content, GC Content Subset.

parent 82f69023
......@@ -37,6 +37,20 @@ def reverse_complement(seq):
return ''.join([DNA_ReverseComplement[nuc] for nuc in seq])[::-1]
# More Pythonic solution. A little bit faster solution.
# Pythonic approach. A little bit faster solution.
# mapping = str.maketrans('ATCG', 'TAGC')
# return seq.translate(mapping)[::-1]
def gc_content(seq):
"""GC Content in a DNA/RNA sequence"""
return round((seq.count('C') + seq.count('G')) / len(seq) * 100)
def gc_content_subsec(seq, k=20):
"""GC Content in a DNA/RNA sub-sequence length k. k=20 by default"""
res = []
for i in range(0, len(seq) - k + 1, k):
subseq = seq[i:i + k]
return res
# DNA Toolset/Code testing file
from dna_toolkit import *
from utilities import colored
import random
# Creating a random DNA sequence for testing:
randDNAStr = ''.join([random.choice(DNA_Nucleotides)
for nuc in range(60)])
for nuc in range(50)])
DNAStr = validate_seq(randDNAStr)
......@@ -18,4 +17,8 @@ print(f'[3] + DNA/RNA Transcription: {transcription(DNAStr)}\n')
print(f"[4] + DNA String + Complement + Reverse Complement:\n5' {DNAStr} 3'")
print(f" {''.join(['|' for c in range(len(DNAStr))])}")
print(f"3' {reverse_complement(DNAStr)[::-1]} 5' [Complement]")
print(f"5' {reverse_complement(DNAStr)} 3' [Rev. Complement ]\n")
print(f"5' {reverse_complement(DNAStr)} 3' [Rev. Complement]\n")
print(f'[5] + GC Content: {gc_content(DNAStr)}%\n')
f'[6] + GC Content in Subsection k=5: {gc_content_subsec(DNAStr, k=5)}\n')
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