Commit 75e028d1 authored by Erik Hetzner's avatar Erik Hetzner

remove function only used once

parent 86634357
......@@ -6,9 +6,6 @@ from xciterst.parser import CiteParser
from xciterst.directives import CitationTransform
def handle_cite_cluster(inliner, cite_cluster):
def random_label():
return "".join(random.choice(string.digits) for x in range(20))
parent = inliner.parent
document = inliner.document
......@@ -23,7 +20,7 @@ def handle_cite_cluster(inliner, cite_cluster):
# not in a footnote & this is a footnote style; insert a
# reference & add a footnote to the end
label = random_label()
label = "".join(random.choice(string.digits) for x in range(20))
# Set up reference
refnode = docutils.nodes.footnote_reference('[%s]_' % label)
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