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* Notes from solicitation :noexport:
- Thanks to emacs developers! org-mode is amazing (TSD, ESF)
- export to odt and html is org's main weakness for humanists (MP)
- Integrated smart search, e.g. find other documents that cite a
reference, find similar documents/references based on what you have
written (JK)
- org-ref+helm-bibtex is “best in class” citation management for org-mode/latex users (JK)
- narrative text merge in git would be great (JK)
- “The stable platform they've developed supports the most congenial
scholarly writing environment I can imagine.” (TSD)
- esp Carsten Dominik (org-mode), Eric Shulte (babel), Dan Davison
(babel), Nicolas Goaziou (org-mode export)
- “Now, a single plain text computer file on my computer regularly
contains reading notes, a laboratory notebook, work schedules, data
sets, computer code designed to analyze the data, and one or more
scholarly papers ready to be exported to publishers' specs. How
incredible is that!” (TSD)
- Staggering complexity is a problem - esp. customization (TSD)
- “My Emacs can't do X, but I could probably configure it to do so” (JH)
> What I like about Sublime’s LaTeX support is that it is super easy
to compile PDFs — it just works, out of the box. I got Emacs to do the
same thing[2], but it required a lot of configuration and I had
frequent trouble with it breaking when I performed system/Emacs
updates. I think that it also didn’t handle compiling bibtex properly,
though I probably could have configured it to do so. Sublime also has
really nice citation and reference completion that I never had with
- Misc references
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