Commit c57a2b36 authored by Sergio Alonso's avatar Sergio Alonso

change python version

parent a3176c96
/usr/bin/python3.4 ./ makemigrations --settings=educational_heritage.settings.local
/usr/bin/python3.4 ./ migrate --settings=educational_heritage.settings.local
/usr/bin/python3.4 ./ loaddata Item --settings=educational_heritage.settings.local
/usr/bin/python3.4 ./ runserver_plus --cert /tmp/cert --settings=educational_heritage.settings.local &
python ./ makemigrations --settings=educational_heritage.settings.local
python ./ migrate --settings=educational_heritage.settings.local
python ./ loaddata Item --settings=educational_heritage.settings.local
python ./ runserver_plus --cert /tmp/cert --settings=educational_heritage.settings.local &
coverage run ./ test -k -v 2 --settings=educational_heritage.settings.local --exclude-tag=external
[ $? -ne 0 ] && exit 1
coverage report -m --skip-covered
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