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Tor Router allow you to use TOR as a transparent proxy and send all your trafic under TOR **INCLUDING DNS REQUESTS**, the only that you need is: a system using systemd (if you want to use the service) and tor.
# Script to install on distros using SystemD only
~$ git clone && cd ./tor-router && sudo bash
# Usage
In distros using systemd, you should consideer using the script, anyways the process to install/configure tor-router is described here.
**It script require root privileges**
1. Open a terminal and clone the script using the following command:
~$ git clone && cd tor-router/files
2. Put the following lines at the end of /etc/tor/torrc
# Seting up TOR transparent proxy for tor-router
AutomapHostsOnResolve 1
TransPort 9040
DNSPort 5353
3. Restart the tor service
4. Execute the tor-router script as root
# sudo ./tor-router
5. Now all your traffic is under TOR, you can check that in the following pages: and for DNS tests:
# Uninstalling/Stoping
Move your /etc/tor/torrc.backup file to /etc/tor/torrc (or delete the tor-router configuration lines), disable the tor-router.service using systemctl, remove /usr/bin/tor-router, /etc/systemd/system/tor-router.service and restart your computer.
Delete the tor-router configuration lines in /etc/tor/torrc, disable the tor-router.service using systemctl (if you used the script), remove /usr/bin/tor-router, /etc/systemd/system/tor-router.service and restart your computer.
# Distros using the script
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