Verified Commit f0cbe507 authored by Micaël Bergeron's avatar Micaël Bergeron

Merge branch '0.3.0-dev' of into 0.3.0-dev

parents ee84bc04 bef4a636
from meltano.schema import Schema, Column, DBType
class Manifest:
def __init__(self, version, source_name, entities=[]):
self.version = version
self.source_name = source_name
self.entities = entities
def as_schema(self):
columns = []
for entity in self.entities:
for attr in entity.attributes:
is_mapping_key=attr.metadata.get('is_pkey', False),
is_nullable=attr.metadata.get('is_nullable', True))
return Schema(self.source_name, columns)
import yaml
from meltano.common.entity import Entity, Attribute, TransientAttribute
from .manifest import Manifest
class ManifestReader:
def __init__(self, source_name):
self.source_name = source_name
def load(self, file):
return self.loads(
def loads(self, raw):
raw_manifest = yaml.load(raw)
version = raw_manifest.pop('version')
entities = [self.parse_entity(entity_name, entity_def) \
for entity_name, entity_def in raw_manifest.items()]
return Manifest(version, self.source_name, entities)
def parse_entity(self, entity_name, entity_def) -> Entity:
attributes = [self.parse_attribute(attr) \
for attr in entity_def['attributes']]
return Entity(entity_name, attributes=attributes)
def parse_attribute(self, attribute_def) -> Attribute:
input, output = map(self.parse_transient_attribute, (
return Attribute(attribute_def['alias'], input, output,
def parse_transient_attribute(self, transient_attribute_def) -> TransientAttribute:
if transient_attribute_def is None:
return None
return TransientAttribute(transient_attribute_def['name'],
import yaml
import yamlordereddictloader
from collections import OrderedDict
from .manifest import Manifest
class ManifestWriter:
def __init__(self, file):
self.file = file
def write(self, manifest: Manifest):
entities = [
(entity.alias, self.raw_entity(entity)) \
for entity in manifest.entities
raw_manifest = OrderedDict([
('version', manifest.version),
yaml.dump(raw_manifest, self.file,
def raw_entity(self, entity):
return {
'attributes': [
self.raw_attribute(attr) \
for attr in entity.attributes
def raw_attribute(self, attribute):
raw_attribute = {
'alias': attribute.alias,
'input': self.raw_transient_attribute(attribute.input),
if attribute.input != attribute.output:
raw_attribute['output'] = self.raw_transient_attribute(attribute.output)
if attribute.metadata:
raw_attribute['metadata'] = attribute.metadata
return raw_attribute
def raw_transient_attribute(self, transient_attribute):
return {
'type': transient_attribute.data_type,
......@@ -20,6 +20,7 @@ setup(
import io
from meltano.common.manifest import *
from meltano.common.manifest_reader import *
from meltano.common.manifest_writer import *
SAMPLE = """
version: '1.0'
- alias: product_id
name: Product ID
type: string
name: product_id
type: string
is_pkey: False
def test_reader():
reader = ManifestReader("sample")
manifest = reader.loads(SAMPLE)
assert(manifest.version == "1.0")
assert(len(manifest.entities) == 1)
def test_writer():
manifest = ManifestReader("sample").loads(SAMPLE)
buf = io.StringIO()
writer = ManifestWriter(buf)
round_trip = ManifestReader("sample").loads(buf.getvalue())
assert(manifest.version == round_trip.version)
for a, b in zip(manifest.entities, round_trip.entities):
assert(a.alias == b.alias)
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ import psycopg2
import psycopg2.sql as sql
import logging
from meltano.db import DB, Session
from meltano.common.db import DB, Session
from sqlalchemy import MetaData
from meltano.db import DB
from meltano.common.db import DB
def test_connect():
import pytest
from meltano.db import DB
from meltano.job import Job, State
from meltano.common.job import Job, State
from datetime import datetime
def sample_job(payload={}):
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