Commit 199c5240 authored by Yannis Roussos's avatar Yannis Roussos Committed by Micaël Bergeron

Add support in NetSuite ELT for fetching Transaction Types and Transaction Backlogs

parent 4fbd4540
......@@ -73,7 +73,12 @@ class Schema:
column_key = Schema.column_key(column)
if table_key not in self.tables:
return {SchemaDiff.TABLE_MISSING, SchemaDiff.COLUMN_MISSING}
if column.is_mapping_key:
return {SchemaDiff.TABLE_MISSING,
return {SchemaDiff.TABLE_MISSING, SchemaDiff.COLUMN_MISSING}
if column_key not in self.columns:
diffs = {SchemaDiff.COLUMN_MISSING}
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