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\item {As part of a development team, worked on architecting and deploying a
Continuous Integration and Delivery pipeline for production software
development and wrote an integration testing framework to ensure proper
product functionality. Assisted with work to integrate Docker Trusted
Registry into CI.}
\item {Developed custom OpenStack heat plugins to facilitate the deployment of
customer software to cloud providers using OpenStack heat templates and
UrbanCode Deploy, Chef, and SaltStack components. Utilized multiple
third-party APIs and Python modules.}
\item {Implemented and maintained a service offering REST endpoints using
Flask and Python libraries to authenticate to cloud providers such as
Amazon Web Services, IBM SoftLayer, Microsoft Azure, and VMWare in order
to discover resources and return them in a JSON format.}
\item {Utilized UrbanCode AntHillPro and Gerrit with administrator rights on our
production servers in order to setup automated pre-flight build lives for our
product, pull in repositories for upstream dependencies, maintain build
configurations, and make privileged configuration changes.}
\item {Administered thousands of Linux systems across several cloud providers.
Had billing and ordering capabilities to deploy infrastructure for
product testing and supporting the needs of the business in addition to
providing 24x7 support for our production environments with active
customers via PagerDuty.}
\item {Authored a comprehensive Ansible cloud security playbook and a
parameterized provisioning script solution to configure RHEL and Ubuntu
machines to meet internal IBM security standards, enable system logging
to a QRadar machine for auditability, maintain separation of duties, and
setup LDAP access so that privileged accounts (root) were not used to
log in to the system for accountability reasons. This playbook is
currently used on hundreds of Bluemix virtual machines and bare metal
\item {Managed development and production systems using IBM Endpoint Manager
(BigFix). This included writing IEM fixlets using both Bash scripts and
BigFix Action Script, creating conditions to determine if a fixlet was
applicable using Relevance language and writing several analyses to
check the state of the system via command output. Security posture was
checked using a database of vulnerabilities and safe package versions.}
\item {Utilized scripting and automation to apply infrastructure as code practices to build-out portions of the IBM Watson Health Cloud for Life Sciences Compliance, while capturing output for regulatory purposes. OpenStack APIs were leveraged to provision both virtual machines and networking.}
\item {Authored a comprehensive Ansible cloud security playbook and a provisioning script solution to deploy and configure Linux machines to meet corporate security standards, enable system logging for auditability, maintain separation of duties, and setup LDAP access so that privileged accounts were not directly accessible.}
\item {Worked as a Site Reliability Engineer for the IBM Bluemix DevOps Services offering, administering thousands of Linux systems across several environments and participating in an 24x7 on-call rotation via PagerDuty to ensure that SLA obligations were met and monitored system and application health for availability, performance, and reliability.}
\item {On the UrbanCode Deploy team, I helped develop the Blueprint Designer component, as well as custom OpenStack heat plugins, which facilitated automated deployment of software and infrustructure to both legacy and cloud environments including AWS, Azure, SoftLayer, OpenStack and VMware.}
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