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My résumé, in LaTeX format, inspired by [Debarghya Das]( If my website is up and working correctly (it usually is, unless I'm doing work on it), you can see a [live PDF version of this file]( As I set in [the Ansible script that I deploy my website with](, the server runs a cronjob every 5 minutes to check this git repository for changes and it will pull down the latest version, compile it, and copy the resulting files into the /files directory on the website, where they are served by Nginx. Because of this, within minutes of my updates, the new version is deployed in an automated fashion.
## Building
Assuming the proper software is installed, this can be built by running
Assuming the proper software is installed (on Arch linux, this is the `texlive-most` package), this can be built by running
xelatex dylan-resume.tex
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