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Drutopia Partners
A great way to serve grassroots organizations is by becoming a Drutopia Partner. Partnership is available to both agencies and freelancers.
As a Drutopia Partner you and your client(s) receives
* membership to the Drutopia Software Cooperative
* a local, test and live environment with continuous integration for each client site
* membership to MayFirst/PeopleLink, which includes the following for each client site:
* Web hosting
* Email
* Email lists
* NextCloud accounts
* Discourse accounts
* same day Drupal and Drutopia updates applied by the Drutopia team
* a Git repository with full control over your client's theme and certain configuration settings
* Support forum to ask questions and report bugs.
* Public recognition on
To become a Drutopia Partner,
* read and agree to the :doc:`Points of Unity <goals.html#points-of-unity>` and :doc:`Code of Conduct <drutopia-code-of-conduct.html>`
* sign up each of your :doc:`Platform Cooperative <platform-cooperative.html>` clients up
* commit to supporting the client's theme and configuration
* pay Drutopia Platform Cooperative membership dues on time
* contribute improvements back to the Drutopia project when possible
* serve as a helpful intermediary between your clients and the Drutopia project
......@@ -37,6 +37,7 @@ The code is open source, and `available on GitLab`_, as are `our issues`_.
.. _contributing:
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