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Add platform member feedback workflow

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......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ People and organizations can join the platform coop and have a hosted website fo
Hosted (SaaS) Drutopia Standards
Right now we partner with MayFirst/PeopleLink for hosting. However, we have an intentionally open and distributed model for hosting to allow other providers to be involved.
......@@ -38,3 +38,16 @@ To be recommended by Drutopia as a host, these qualifications—at minimum—mus
* All approved Drutopia install profiles must be available on new site launch (supporting additional is allowed of course)
If you are interested in becoming a recommended Drutopia host contact the Drutopia leadership team at
Feedback Workflow
Feedback is welcomed and encouraged from platform members. The workflow for feedback is as follows -
1. Platform member reports bug, requests feature or asks question in their GitLab project.
2. Drutopia team member assigns issue to themself
3. Drutopia team member determines if the issue is member-specific or distribution-worthy
4a. If specific to the member, issue is handled depending on capacity and platform-compatibility
4b. If distribution-worthy, corresponding issue is created in the appropriate Drutopia project, with a link back to the original member-reported issue.
5. Distribution-worthy issue is evaluated based on the `Drutopia criteria <>`_.
6. Outcome of issue is shared with reporting member in their original issue.
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