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Now navigate to the Features admin page and regenerate the feature or features you've worked on. See the [Features module documentation on generating features]( Regenerate the feature. You will need to delete the previously exported version of the feature and replace that with the new export--making sure you don't delete the Git information in a ```.git``` directory.
### Creating a new feature ###
We encourage proactive contributions to Drutopia, though it could be helpful to check in with the team about your feature idea.
We determine if a feature is included in Drutopia Base, or in a more specific distribtution based on whether the majority of Drutopia user would benefit from the feature. The final call on this can be made by any technical lead.
If you are creating a new feature:
* Create a new project for the feature on GitLab in the drutopia group.
* Clone the project locally.
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