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# Installation
Currently, our reccommended approach is [Drutopia VM]( as described in Quickstart.
# Other ways to install
Using our project template.
If you have the AMP stack running locally on your OS
If you run into any issues, [let us know in the GitLab issue queue]( and we'd be happy to help.
## Prerequisites
1. [Prepare a local server for Drupal]( (or see SQLite section below for an even quicker start for a temporary test site)
2. [Install composer](
## Installation of Drutopia
If you did not install composer globally above, use "php composer.phar" instead of "composer" in the command below.
Replace `DIRECTORY` with whatever you want the directory to be called:
`composer create-project drutopia/drutopia_template:dev-master
--no-interaction DIRECTORY`
### SQLite and PHP Server: Alternate Quicker Temporary Site
This is still after installation with composer, but it can avoid step one of prerequisites
and manual configuration of database credentials. <a
href="" title="Disposable Drupal installations with Drush">Courtesy Mauricio
Dinarte of Agaric</a>.
`cd DIRECTORY/web`
`../vendor/bin/drush -y si drutopia --db-url=sqlite:///tmp/test.db`
`../vendor/bin/drush runserver &`
If the second command doesn't work you probably need to install SQLite.
On Debian-derived GNU/Linux use `sudo apt-get install sqlite3` and for
other operating systems [download and install an SQLite binary]( and try the runserver command again.
.. |AMP| raw:: html
<abbr title="Apache MySQL/MariaDB PHP">AMP</abbr>
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