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Add criteria for creating a new distribution

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......@@ -5,6 +5,27 @@ The :doc:`Drutopia base distribution <drutopia>` is designed to make it easy to
See :doc:`about-drupal-distributions` for introductory material.
Proposing a New Distribution
A new Drutopia distribution should be proposed as an issue in the Drutopia Organization project. The proposal should include a suggested name, purpose and initial list of features.
A distribution qualifies for acceptance into the Drutopia ecosystem if it is:
* Appropriate : Meets the needs of a core Drutopia audience group (small budget-organization) and will build off of Drutopia Base
* Feasible : Can be implemented with tools presently available
* Resourced : Has a team capable and available to build and maintain the distribution
The final decision as to whether a distribution is added is made by the Leadership Team.
Design Features
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