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......@@ -124,10 +124,11 @@ Whenever creating a Display Suite field, configure to limit it to only the parti
* The most important areas to review are the field storage and field instance. Field storage should only include fields that are unique to your content type. Field instance will include all field used.
* If you have added a new shared field (after consultation) that field storage will need to be added to Drutopia Core and this needs to be done ahead of creating the new feature.
* The machine name of the feature will be `resource`.
* Edit the description if needed.
* Ensure Drutopia is set as the bundle.
* Edit the **Description** if needed.
* Ensure Drutopia is set as the **Bundle**.
* Set the **Version** to `8.x-1.0-alpha1` if it's the first time. Once accepted into Drutopia, it should match the stability of the Drutopia distribution.
* To add the search_index view mode you will need to edit the feature, allow conflicts (as this view mode will be added to the seach feature by deafault) and manually add.
* Export your feature.
* Export your feature. (If using **Write**, you can set the **Path** to `modules/contrib` presuming you intend to contribute it.)
* After export, manually edit the info file to give it the name ‘Drutopia Resource’.
## Adding .json file
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