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    Document the Dropwizard release process (#1592) · be563815
    Artem Prigoda authored
    * Document the Dropwizard release process
    Add a simple document, which describes the technical aspects of making a release of Dropwizard.
    This information is mostly exist in the form emails between Dropwizard commiters and personal
    experience, so it's quite easy to a maintainer to forget some steps during a release and make a
    mistake. It would be great, if we wrote it down in the repository and make accessible to the community.
    This should make Dropwizard a more transparent project and allow to improve our release process.
    Use script
    * Add a script for prepating Dropwizard docs
    This script builds the project documentation, copies it to `gh-pages`
    branch and commits it.
    This allows in some regard to automate the process of preparing
    documentation for publication to the site.
    [ci skip]
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