Commit 806a18b2 authored by Sybren A. Stüvel's avatar Sybren A. Stüvel

WIP on starting a session

parent 5eecac7b
......@@ -26,4 +26,5 @@ func main() {
package bunqapi
type sessionServerRequest struct {
// The API key.
Secret string `json:"secret"`
type sessionServerResponse struct {
Response []struct {
ID *BunqID `json:"Id"`
Token *struct {
ID int `json:"id"`
Token string `json:"token"`
} `json:"Token"`
UserCompany *UserCompany `json:"UserCompany"`
} `json:"Response"`
func (c *Client) SessionStart() {
payload := sessionServerRequest{
Secret: c.creds.APIKey,
response := sessionServerResponse{}
errResp := c.DoRequest("POST", "session-server", &payload, &response)
if errResp != nil {
log.WithFields(errResp.LogFields()).Fatal("error performing session creation request")
package bunqapi
import (
// Time represents a parsed timestamp returned by the bunq API.
type Time time.Time
// UnmarshalJSON is being used to parse timestamps from the bunq API.
// Bunq timestamps come into this format: "2015-06-13 23:19:16.215235"
func (ariTime *Time) UnmarshalJSON(input []byte) error {
strInput := string(input)
strInput = strings.Trim(strInput, `"`)
var pattern string
if len(strInput) == 10 {
pattern = "2006-01-02"
} else {
pattern = "2006-01-02 15:04:05.000000"
newTime, err := time.Parse(pattern, strInput)
if err != nil {
return fmt.Errorf("Error parsing Time: %s", err)
*ariTime = Time(newTime)
return nil
// MarshalText implements the encoding.MarshalText interface for custom time type.
func (ariTime *Time) MarshalText() ([]byte, error) {
t := time.Time(*ariTime)
return []byte(t.Format("2006-01-02 15:04:05.000000")), nil
package bunqapi
type Alias struct {
Type string `json:"type"`
Value string `json:"value"`
Name string `json:"name"`
type AvatarImage struct {
AttachmentPublicUUID string `json:"attachment_public_uuid"`
ContentType string `json:"content_type"`
Height int `json:"height"`
Width int `json:"width"`
type UBO struct {
Name string `json:"name"`
DateOfBirth Time `json:"date_of_birth"`
Nationality string `json:"nationality"`
type NotificationFilter struct {
NotificationDeliveryMethod string `json:"notification_delivery_method"`
NotificationTarget string `json:"notification_target"`
Category string `json:"category"`
type Address struct {
Street string `json:"street"`
HouseNumber string `json:"house_number"`
POBox string `json:"po_box"`
PostalCode string `json:"postal_code"`
City string `json:"city"`
Country string `json:"country"`
type Avatar struct {
UUID string `json:"uuid"`
AnchorUUID string `json:"anchor_uuid"`
Image []AvatarImage `json:"image"`
type DirectorAlias struct {
UUID string `json:"uuid"`
Avatar Avatar `json:"avatar"`
PublicNickName string `json:"public_nick_name"`
DisplayName string `json:"display_name"`
Country string `json:"country"`
type Limit struct {
Value string `json:"value"`
Currency string `json:"currency"`
type UserCompany struct {
ID int `json:"id"`
CreatedAt Time `json:"created"`
UpdatedAt Time `json:"updated"`
PublicUUID string `json:"public_uuid"`
Name string `json:"name"`
DisplayName string `json:"display_name"`
PublicNickName string `json:"public_nick_name"`
Alias []Alias `json:"alias"`
ChamberOfCommerceNumber string `json:"chamber_of_commerce_number"`
TypeOfBusinessEntity string `json:"type_of_business_entity"`
SectorOfIndustry string `json:"sector_of_industry"`
CounterBankIBAN string `json:"counter_bank_IBAN"`
Avatar Avatar `json:"avatar"`
AddressMain Address `json:"address_main"`
AddressPostal Address `json:"address_postal"`
VersionTermsOfService string `json:"version_terms_of_service"`
DirectorAlias DirectorAlias `json:"director_alias"`
Language string `json:"language"`
Region string `json:"region"`
UBO []UBO `json:"UBO"`
Status string `json:"status"`
SubStatus string `json:"sub_status"`
SessionTimeout int `json:"session_timeout"`
DailyLimitWithoutConfirmationLogin Limit `json:"daily_limit_without_confirmation_login"`
NotificationFilters []NotificationFilter `json:"notification_filters"`
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