These are my dot-config files. Or the ones I have gotten round to uploading anyway.

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My personal dot-config files for my Linux systems.

They probably aren't directly useful to anyone but me, but maybe you'll find something interesting.


For rxvt-unicode, including a solarised colour theme and some perl generated tabs.

Save as $HOME/.Xdefaults and launch urxvt or whatever the binary is called on your system.


Replace Caps_Lock with a Control key. Set Menu to Compose.

Save as $HOME/.xmodmap and place this in your .bash_profile or .bashrc:

xmodmap ~/.xmodmap


All my emacs configurations and packages and data. Lots of stuff I stole shamelessly from Unix guru William von Hagen.


All my Fluxbox configs, including menus and layout and styles. Save as .fluxbox in your home directory.


Some KDE config files I use.


My custom key bindings for Audacity. Frankly, you shouldn't use Audacity without this. It's just that good.


Some helper scripts I use on my PocketChip. There's a dot-emacs file to make Emacs more usable on the tiny PocketChip screen, and a Bluetooth connection script that makes it so you don't have to type as much to pair your PocketChip with a Bluetooth device (the PocketChip doesn't ship with a Bluetooth GUI, so without this script you're fiddling around with bluetoothctl).