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    Don't version search data to avoid updating every HTML page when any content changes · d6ae84d3
    doshitan authored
    The search index will change when any content changes and the client
    side search JS references the index file URL. So if we hash the index
    file, that changes the hash of the JS that references the new name,
    which in turn, changes the JS `script` tag for all HTML pages, which
    means we have to upload new versions of every HTML page when content
    anywhere on the site changes.
    Not that big of a deal, but I'd rather deploys not have to upload and
    invalidate every page on the site when unrelated stuff changes.
    So instead use a stable address for the search index URL and have it be
    a resource that we ask the browser to always revalidate (like for the
    HTML content itself) instead of allowing a long cache lifetime.
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