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      Move date metadata into content file front matter · 0f7fba32
      doshitan authored
      These are derived from the git history, so some aren't exactly
      right (e.g., modified dates from a commit where we just added/removed a
      tag or something), but close enough and a good first pass.
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      Add table of contents support · 67745296
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      Not perfect, but it will work. What we do is have a special table of contents
      compiler that makes a version of each post whose content is just the TOC. We
      then stuff that content into a field to make it available to the templates.
      For the TOC numbering to work right each post should always start at first
      level headers, the main compiler now bumps each header in the post down a
      level (e.g. an h1/# becomes and h2/##) before rendering. That makes it so the
      rendered post content doesn't have a bunch of top-level headers in the page,
      but the TOC compiler still sees all top-level headers and breaks them out into
      their own sections in the TOC generated markup.
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