1. 10 Feb, 2022 4 commits
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      Switch to Andada Pro · 89c6724d
      doshitan authored
      I still like Merriweather, but feel like trying something new.
      And things are still very much the same style, Andada Pro is just a bit
      lighter/finer. The Merriweather setup I was using could feel a little
      heavy and cramped sometimes. Other Merriweather builds, like the old
      12pt version, and even the latest Google Fonts build were a bit more
      what I was wanting (compared to the 6pt version I was using). But
      figured if I was gonna go to the effort of customizing a Merriweather
      build, might as well just try something else entirely.
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      Add Andada Pro build stuff · be3c6ed9
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      Misc. small things · a7da802b
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      Fix .epigraph CSS class in Tufte styles · 8d0df773
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      Brought the rules into Clay incorrectly.
  2. 09 Feb, 2022 5 commits
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  6. 03 Feb, 2022 1 commit
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      Optimize image usage · 70fa9a44
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      Provide WebP versions for significant size savings on modern platforms.
      Bump the "small" screen breakpoint up to 820px. With the default 760px,
      the content column looks kinda crushed.
      Specify a `srcset` for the avatar image on the About page, so the image
      doesn't look fuzzy on high density screens/in "small" screen mode (when
      it becomes full width).
      This also necessitated setting `height: auto` CSS for images. I don't
      think this breaks anything in the core Tufte CSS, but I also don't use
      any other images except on the About page at the moment, so fine for
      "Favicon" loading behavior:
      - Firefox fetches favicon-16x16 and the largest `apple-touch-icon`
        linked in the HTML header.
      - Chromium fetches favicon-32x32 and the first image listed in the Web
      So accounting for these, since the About page uses 167 and 512 images:
      - Drop the smallest image sizes from the Web Manifest, so 167 is listed
        first for Chrome. The smaller images are really just optimizations for
        Safari, which will only care about the sizes linked in the HTML.
      - Keep the 512 sized `apple-touch-icon` linked in the HTML header. Since
        also want to keep at least the 180 size in the HTML for Safari, this at
        least means Firefox will have the 512 size cached if user loads the
        About page. Not ideal for it to fetch such a large image that may not
        actually be needed, but at least it is one that will *possibly* be
        needed (unlike the other iOS sizes).
      Of course, browsers could change any of this behavior and mess any part
      of this up, but at least for things today, this should minimize
      unnecessary network traffic.
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