Verified Commit ccdb8c74 authored by doshitan's avatar doshitan

Add sidenote like marker to expandable table of contents

It's not obvious that you can click the contents to expand it. So at
least want something indicating maybe it's special and match the visual
appearance of sidenote numbers, which behave similarly (expanding the
notes contents).
parent 8e403d18
......@@ -191,6 +191,13 @@ theStylesheet = do
h3 ? do
float none
after & do
"content" -: "'[+]'"
position relative
verticalAlign vAlignBaseline
fontSize (rem 1)
top (rem (-0.5))
left (rem 0.1)
-- Code blocks with a language or linenumbers specified get wrapped in a
-- div.sourceCode, but the properties, like the language class and .fullwidth,
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