Verified Commit 6ef4b1f5 authored by doshitan's avatar doshitan

Set MIME type for WOFF2 files

Doesn't really matter, but slightly more correct.
`application/font-woff2` would be another (older) option, but
`font/woff2` works and is suggested by newer standards.

Can't be bothered for other font types, as hopefully they are used by a
vanishingly small portion of users.
parent 310822e2
......@@ -116,6 +116,13 @@ sync-fix-mime:
--include="assets/css/*" \
s3cmd modify s3://$(AWS_S3_BUCKET) \
--verbose \
--recursive \
--exclude="*" \
--include="assets/font/*.woff2" \
s3cmd modify s3://$(AWS_S3_BUCKET) \
--verbose \
--recursive \
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