Commit 2a64c5e4 authored by Stephan Plöhn's avatar Stephan Plöhn

[Posts] two colums on small devices

parent 268bbfe1
......@@ -5,14 +5,14 @@
<div class="posts"
data-uk-scrollspy="cls: uk-animation-slide-bottom-small; target: .posts-article; delay: 300">
<article v-for="post in posts" v-bind:key="post.slug" class="posts-article" data-uk-grid>
<div class="posts-article_image [email protected]m">
<div class="posts-article_image [email protected]s">
<nuxt-link v-if="post.image" :to="{ path: 'posts/' + post.slug }" :aria-label="'Beitragsbild ' + post.title">
<img :alt="'Bild zum Beitrag ' + post.title"
data-uk-img :data-src="[6].url" />
<div class="posts-article_intro [email protected]m">
<div class="posts-article_intro [email protected]s">
<nuxt-link :to="{ path: 'posts/' + post.slug }">
<h3 class="posts_title">{{ post.title }}</h3>
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