Commit a1429a0a authored by Jens Domke's avatar Jens Domke

add watermark and comments for prepreint rules

parent 0a05f34a
......@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@
\usepackage{comment} % TODO remove later
......@@ -41,4 +42,55 @@
\patchcmd{\@setref}{\bfseries ??}{\colorbox{red}{?r?}}{}{}
\patchcmd{\@citex}{\bfseries ?}{\colorbox{red}{?c?}}{}{}
\ No newline at end of file
\renewcommand\sc@wm@print[1]{% redefine positioning of mark (-1in to 330pt)
\setbox\@tempboxa\vbox to \z@{%
\vskip 100pt \moveleft -0.5in \vbox{%
\hbox to \z@{%
%% preprint rules (this should cover most venues for us)
% IEEE (2018-10-22)
%"Prior to submission to an IEEE publication
%Authors may post their article anywhere at any time, including on preprint
%servers such as This does not count as a prior publication."
% ACM (2018-10-22)
%"2.5 Permanent Rights held by original Owners/Authors
%*Prior to commencement of the ACM peer review process, post the version of the
%Work as submitted to ACM ("Submitted Version") to non-peer reviewed servers;"
% Springer (2018-10-22)
%"Self-archiving policy
% Author(s) are permitted to self-archive a pre-print and an author’s accepted
%manuscript version of their Article.
%a. a pre-print is the author’s version of the Article before peer-review has
%taken place ("Pre-Print”). Prior to acceptance for publication, Author(s)
%retain the right to make a Pre-Print of their Article available on any of the
%following: their own personal, self- maintained website; a legally compliant,
%non-commercial pre-print server such as but not limited to arXiv and bioRxiv.
%Once the Article has been published, the Author(s) should update the
%acknowledgement and provide a link to the definitive version on the publisher’s
%website: “This is a pre-print of an article published in [insert journal
%title]. The final authenticated version is available online at:
%[insert DOI]”."
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