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    • vhumpa's avatar
      Discovered py2 unicode pain within Tree and elsewhere, if we get unicode characters · 8a9a8c17
      vhumpa authored
      from at-spi and are (now) using the __future unicode_character import.
      We're using __future, but that only makes directly declared strings unicode.
      Then we get say Node.name as plain str in py2. Should it contain unicode char,
      for example '…' an attempt to cat with declared strings that are unicode
      (and cannot be otherwise thanks to __future), we're doomed.
      Attempted solution: doing plain str() while we use __future seems to make things
      click as long as all parts of the concat are str(). Not absolutely sure why - but
      on the good side, works the same in both python versions without having to do
      .decode() on str strings and having to catch exception for python3.
      Sideline: unicode and py2 with py3 - lot's of pain.
    • vhumpa's avatar
      Merge branch 'fastfindlambda' into 'master' · 64b28eb6
      vhumpa authored
      findChild: Allow to use lambdas as well as predicates
      Like in findChildren, however with findChild the tree is searched only
      until first satisfying node is found - thus better on performance in
      most cases. findChild also provides some basic logging and throws exception
      on failure. @all 
      findChild also has the 'retry' option, so we can now do 'retry=True'
      searches with lambdas too (it's default).
      + Added a test
      See merge request !4
    • vhumpa's avatar
      findChild: Fix typo in lambda's debug name · 21396e64
      vhumpa authored
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    • vhumpa's avatar
      Improved the utils.Lock by using onexit + better sniff locks handling. · c8c07a18
      vhumpa authored
      Fixes to occasional warning on exit caused by garbage collection when
      __del__ was invoked and 'os' already destroyed.
      Anyone uses lock, can combine unlockOnExit with .unlock() as needed.
      We provide warning to users to not run scripts and sniff simultaneously.
  15. 12 Apr, 2016 1 commit
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      Add support for only searching among 'showing' nodes. · 37a3863f
      anonym authored
      Here 'showing' refers to pyatspi.STATE_SHOWING, i.e. whether a node is
      shown to the end-user or not. Quite often we are only interested in
      such nodes, at least when dogtail is used to interact with an
      application (e.g. clicking something that isn't there won't
      work). Most importantly, this greatly simplifies situations where the
      'shown' element we are looking for is hard to exactly pinpoint since
      it lacks properties to distinguish it from some not 'shown' elements,
      which is quite common when nodes lack names.
      Therefore we add a `showingOnly` boolean flag to all Node search
      methods. The default will be to not do this, for backwards
      compatibility, but the default is configurable via a new
      `searchShowingOnly` config option.
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