Commit a408788f authored by Iain Lane's avatar Iain Lane Committed by vhumpa

test_tree: Move test_unicode_char_* to use a different UI element

In gedit 3.35, the "Open" button was re-designed to no longer have the
"Other Documents…" button inside it.

Move to testing the (hamburger) menu button instead, as it has an item
"Find and Replace…" which we can look for instead. This works on
pre-3.35 gedit too.
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......@@ -875,18 +875,18 @@ class TestUnicodeNames(unittest.TestCase): = dogtail.tree.root.application('gedit')
def test_unicode_char_in_name(self):'Open', roleName='toggle button').click()'Menu', roleName='toggle button').click()
unicode_button = None
unicode_button ='Other Documents…', roleName='push button')
unicode_button ='Find and Replace…', roleName='push button')
assert unicode_button is not None
def test_unicode_char_in_name_click(self):'Open', roleName='toggle button').click()
unicode_button ='Other Documents…', roleName='push button')'Menu', roleName='toggle button').click()
unicode_button ='Find and Replace…', roleName='push button')
dialog = None
dialog ='Open', roleName='file chooser')
dialog ='Find and Replace', roleName='dialog')
except dogtail.tree.SearchError:
assert dialog is not None
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