Commit 6cf6014c authored by Vitezslav Humpa's avatar Vitezslav Humpa
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Utils: Allow giving both encoded/decoded unicode strings to GnomeShell

menu helper functions.
parent 350ef5f6
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...@@ -391,6 +391,8 @@ class GnomeShell(object): # pragma: no cover ...@@ -391,6 +391,8 @@ class GnomeShell(object): # pragma: no cover
menu_items = self.getApplicationMenuList(search_by_item) menu_items = self.getApplicationMenuList(search_by_item)
except: except:
menu_items = self.getApplicationMenuList(item) menu_items = self.getApplicationMenuList(item)
if any(ord(x) > 127 for x in item):
item = item.encode('utf-8')
for node in menu_items: for node in menu_items:
if == item: if == item:
return node return node
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