Commit 6b8c8c43 authored by Michal Odehnal's avatar Michal Odehnal

fix corner case

parent 04457e3f
Pipeline #98624617 canceled with stages
......@@ -65,7 +65,8 @@ def ponytail_check_is_xwayland(window_id=None, window_list=None):
def ponytail_check_connection(window_id=None, input_source="mouse"):
window_list = ponytail.window_list
if window_id not in [x['id'] for x in window_list]:
if (not isinstance(window_id, str)) and (window_list != []) and\
window_id not in [x["id"] for x in window_list]:
window_id = None
if DEBUG_DOGTAIL:"Checking if possibly connected window still exists.")
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