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Use the gnome-shell utils workaround on all distros with gnome-shell 3.22

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......@@ -406,11 +406,10 @@ class GnomeShell(object): # pragma: no cover
may be customized. Also attempts to use the given item for reference
if search fails with the default/custom one.
# ahm, we have to compensate for a gs bug on f25 (possibly all gs-3.22)
if os.path.isfile('/etc/redhat-release'):
with open("/etc/redhat-release") as f:
dist = f.readline()
if 'Fedora release 25' in dist:
# a problem with this version of GS misreporting the positions
from subprocess import check_output
if '3.22' in check_output('gnome-shell --version', shell=True):
xoffset = -130
from dogtail.rawinput import click
nd = self.getApplicationMenuButton(app_name)
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