Changes from v0.2.0


  • Explosive class
    • Proximity and tripwire triggers
    • Laser-guidance function
    • HitOwner flag doesn't activate until outside player
    • Can stick to floors, ceilings, walls, and actors
    • Projectile and hitscan shrapnel functions
  • 3D model tracer (provided by Nash Muhandes).
  • Single ZScript include (i.e. zscript/zwl/zwl.zs).
  • Laser, lightning, and railgun trails for hitscan attacks.
  • Speed and damage parameters for ZWL_FireProjectile


  • New bullet spread calculation (allowing 360 degree spread).
  • ZScript file extension changed from .zc to .zs.


  • Particle tracers no longer appear through player's back.
  • Tracers no longer move strangely when hitting a wall/ceiling.
  • Tracers now aim at same spot as hitscan attacks.
  • Casings and tracers take view height into account when crouching or standing in liquid.