Commit 3585a844 authored by Malcolm Blaney's avatar Malcolm Blaney

Always show invite groups created by the user on the stock page.

parent e158e84d
......@@ -103,8 +103,10 @@ class Stock extends Base {
// Display a group select if this user has created invite groups.
$invite = new Invite($this->user, $this->owner);
$created = $invite->Created();
if (in_array($purchase_group, $created)) {
$this->user->group = $purchase_group;
if (count($created) > 0) {
if (in_array($purchase_group, $created)) {
$this->user->group = $purchase_group;
$content .= '<p class="stock-display-group">Displaying stock for '.
'<select id="stock-group-select">'.
'<option value="'.$default_group.'">'.
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