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    Try fixing mysql authentication bug in gitlab runner. Cart module · 9b1baa02
    Malcolm Blaney authored
    short description is now shown by default and a style rule should
    be added to hide it. Purchase->Search was returning everything
    when no search terms were provided due to a recent change to
    quantity query. Purchase->ListProducts now returns a formatted
    supplier list so that it can be used to format the grid. Stock
    module cart updates no longer depend on the mode the page is in.
    Purchase module all user grid now skips supplierOnly accounts and
    has better formatting. Stock module now fixes grid header row to
    the top of the page when scrolling. core.js now provides a way to
    hide elements when a user is logged in by matching the class name
    "logged-in-display-none". Switch default control bar position from
    "fixed" to "sticky".
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