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    Cart module improved cart-description substitutions because previous · b073e9e0
    Malcolm Blaney authored
    content was getting modified by HTMLPurifier. Also fixed some bugs:
    packing date wasn't set and Checkout was trying to verify unselected
    items. Grid module has been modified to no longer support a specific
    column selection UI. This was used by Stock and Members modules which
    now both present a simplified checkbox list in a dialog. The wide grid
    button is now optional and if hidden then wide grid mode will be used
    automatically. The option was added to the Settings module for both
    the Stock and Members modules. Data changes to both these modules is
    also no longer driven by column changes. The type of data displayed
    in the grid is a new option in the Edit Display dialogs and also shown
    on the page. Fixed a bug in the Control module where a page reload
    would not update page-select to the current page, which is fixed by
    using autocomplete=off.
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