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    Groupwizard module remove orders section has been hidden behind a · 5277530b
    Malcolm Blaney authored
    flag, as it's not as useful anymore and can cause problems if set
    without planning. Invoice module added new invoice-date-format
    template, rather than creating a bunch of optional date formats.
    Also added invoice-date-offset to have more control over the
    invoice subject. Remove Purchase->ActiveUsers as this is now done
    by the Invoice module. Fixed an issue in the Purchase module where
    purchasing with the same account on consecutive days would load the
    previous day's purchases. Control module settings callback still
    uses the word 'fixed' for position but applies the value 'sticky'.
    Also assumes default is now opaque for control and applies
    transparency class for absolute positioning only. Minimise button
    has been removed because sticky positioning doesn't obscure the
    top of the page. Old browser specific css properties have been
    removed from write_style as support for generic properties is much
    better. SimplePie->Item fix following recent changes, enclosure
    caching needs to make sure the url is for an image. Microformats
    url fetcher has a new default option to return json as Firefox has
    a new json viewer enabled by default.
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