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    Add support for Micropub Media Endpoint to Browser module, and · 3dc7cf27
    Malcolm Blaney authored
    Micropub query config support to auth.php. Improved parse_hcard
    in SimplePie Parser to also cache photos in h-feeds, and
    parse_hcard helper function in microformats.php will now add photos
    from reposts to the nickname cache. Invoice and Purchase modules
    now operate from the assumption that dates for a given day can have
    timestamps anywhere between 00:00:00 and 23:59:59 on the day given.
    Fixed a bug in Purchase module that was using a 12 hour window to
    check purchases rather than following the new rule for timestamps.
    Stock module bug made items that were available to purchase
    unavailable from the supplier, which meant they no longer showed up
    by default on the stock page. Other changes are small UI improvements.
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