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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. See [standard-version]( for commit guidelines.
## [6.0.0]( (2019-09-01)
* resultset decomposition now creates descendants as arrays by default. The 'array' decomposition schema element is no longer recognized, and has been replaced by a 'decomposeTo' element. Set this latter to 'object' to create descendants as objects.
* **deps:** ES6 generators, and versions of Node prior to 7.6, are no longer supported.
* results used to be implicitly ordered by the relation's primary key, or otherwise by the first column. This is no longer the case; ordering must be specified if it is desired.
* supporting Readables which target more than one database relation has involved extensive changes to table loading, criteria parsing, and statement generation. These changes are intended to be backwards-compatible, but are marked as a breaking change because they cannot be guaranteed to be so.
* JSON fields were previously converted to text and sorted alphabetically.
### Bug Fixes
* **deps:** update commander to v3 ([a809736](
* **deps:** update coveralls and standard-version ([2aaf10a](
* **deps:** update dependency lodash to v4.17.15 ([e50b613](
* **deps:** update dependency pg-promise to v8.7.5 ([5ccc343](
* **deps:** update eslint to 6.2.2 ([e605d3a](
* **deps:** update pg-promise to 9.1.0 ([9e5c8be](
* empty the entity cache on db.reload() ([c986753](
* ignore dropped columns ([2a63734](
* **deps:** update pg-promise to v9 ([284bea6](
### Features
* allow overriding the autogenerated join decomposition schema ([2e84cb3](
* automatically deep insert when targeting a compound Readable ([3235498](
* create compound Readables with Readable.join() ([75ad213](
* decompose with compound keys ([e934444](
* decomposeTo 'dictionary' transforms records into id:record maps ([6165fb5](
* open-ended decomposeTo instead of boolean array flag; default to arrays instead of objects ([b4d4b30](
* preserve type when ordering by JSON fields ([2ef6dc7](, closes [#683](
* use 'omit' in join schema for relations not wanted in the decomposed output ([ce695d5](
* don't add an ORDER BY clause unless explicitly called for ([e78ecec](
## [6.0.0-rc.1]( (2019-08-15)
"name": "massive",
"version": "6.0.0-rc.1",
"version": "6.0.0",
"lockfileVersion": 1,
"requires": true,
"dependencies": {
"name": "massive",
"version": "6.0.0-rc.1",
"version": "6.0.0",
"description": "A small query tool for Postgres that embraces json and makes life simpler",
"homepage": "",
"bugs": "",
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