1. 24 Mar, 2020 1 commit
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      sign: add --micalg-out= parameter · dde4afd5
      Daniel Kahn Gillmor authored
      This is only relevant for `sop sign` despite the fact that `sop
      encrypt` is also capable of signing.
      This is because an encrypted PGP/MIME message doesn't need a micalg
      I've deliberately avoided allowing the user to specify the algorithm
      (there is only --micalg-out, and no --micalg).  We want sop to ask the
      user as few questions as possible, but also to make it easy integrate
      into existing systems.
      This changeset mentions "internal constraints" on KEY objects.  These
      constraints could be anything from a protocol decision (e.g. an
      asymmetric key algorithm that mandates being paired with a specific
      digest) to unusual backends (e.g. smartcards, isolated daemons) that
      don't permit selecting a digest algorithm.
      I considered introducing an error if --micalg-out= was supplied and
      there were mutually incompatibly-constrained KEYs, but the only thing
      i could imagine a sensible user doing with that error was retrying the
      signature without specifying --micalg-out, and then omitting
      --micalg-out.  So it seems better to just facilitate that use case
      with an empty string response, rather than requiring another round
      trip through `sop sign`.
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