Commit 887b4ef8 authored by diy_bloke's avatar diy_bloke

The adapted ESP-NOW to Serial sketch from Anthony Elder

parent 454147da
* This originally was the ESP-NOW to Serial sketch from Anthony Elder
* but that was rather incomplete for my goal so I adapted it
* Author: Anthony Elder (original author)
* License: Apache License v2
* Altered by DIY_bloke
#include <ESP8266WiFi.h>
extern "C" {
#include <espnow.h>
#include "user_interface.h"
/* Set a private Mac Address
* Note: the point of setting a specific MAC is so you can replace this Gateway ESP8266 device with a new one
* and the new gateway will still pick up the remote sensors which are still sending to the old MAC
uint8_t mac[] = {0xEC, 0xFA, 0xBC, 0x9B, 0xF5, 0x6D};
void initVariant() {
wifi_set_macaddr(SOFTAP_IF, &mac[0]);
// keep in sync with ESP_NOW sensor struct
struct __attribute__((packed)) SENSOR_DATA {
float temp;
float humidity;
float pressure;
} sensorData;
volatile boolean haveReading = false;
int heartBeat;
void setup() {
Serial.begin(115200); Serial.println();
Serial.print("This node AP mac: "); Serial.println(WiFi.softAPmacAddress());
Serial.print("This node STA mac: "); Serial.println(WiFi.macAddress());
void loop() {
if (millis()-heartBeat > 30000) {
Serial.println("Waiting for ESP-NOW messages...");
heartBeat = millis();
if (haveReading) {
haveReading = false;
ESP.restart(); // <----- Reboots to re-enable ESP-NOW
void initEspNow() {
if (esp_now_init()!=0) {
Serial.println("*** ESP_Now init failed");
esp_now_register_recv_cb([](uint8_t *mac, uint8_t *data, uint8_t len) {
memcpy(&sensorData, data, sizeof(sensorData));
Serial.printf(" Temp=%0.1f, Hum=%0.0f%%, pressure=%0.0fmb\n", sensorData.temp, sensorData.humidity, sensorData.pressure);
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