Authored by diy_bloke


      Arduino UNO with W5100 Ethernetshield or  W5100 Ethernet module, used as MQTT client
      It will connect over Wifi to the MQTT broker and controls a digital output (LED, relay)
      and gives the Temperature and Humidity, as well as the state of some switches
      The topics have the format "home/br/sb" for southbound messages and  "home/br/nb" for northbound messages
      Southbound are messages going tomq the client, northbound are messages coming from the client
      As the available memory of a UNO  with Ethernetcard is limited, I have kept the topics short
      Also, the payloads  are kept short
      The Northbound topics are
      home/br/nb/temp  for temperature
      home/br/nb/humid  for humidity
      home/br/nb/deur  for a door switch
      home/br/nb/l for  the lightintensity
      home/br/nb/pr  for the status of a PIR sensor
      home/br/nb/ip showing the IP number of the client
      home/br/nb/relay showing the relaystate

      There is only one southbound topic:
      The payload here determines the action:
      OFF -Switch the relay off
      ON-Switch the  relay on
      READ Ask for the relaystate
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