Adds UI Kitten and Watermelon DB

[v0.3.0] - 2020-02-29


  • Infrastructure for iOS notifications (still under development)
  • Swipe buttons with ability to leave chat room
  • Data is stored on the device, you can now browse offline
  • More helpful error messages on login failure
  • Show a list of known users when creating a new chat
  • Show if a chat has unread messages in chat list
  • Send typing notifications
  • Send read receipts
  • Send clickable links from Ditto


  • Basically the whole UI - following the Eva Design System now
  • Upgraded to React Navigation 5.0
  • Changed state flow from Redux to Observables
  • Changed data storage from AsyncStorage to WatermelonDB


  • #53 Display cached messages during app launch
  • #64 When there is a room invite, Ditto does not render the room list
  • #65 When you're in a room and you send message from another client, message doesn't show up immediately
  • #66 Inconsistent "most recent message" in the Chat List
  • #69 yarn and creates error