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Other Labels
  • Enhancement
    New features, behavioral changes, suggestions
    • Project label
  • breaking change
    Closing this issue will require a major version bump.
    • Project label
  • bug
    Defect or unexpected behavior
    • Project label
  • documentation
    Changes to documentation, tutorials, and examples
    • Project label
  • input wanted
    Open question for the community, feedback or discussion desired
    • Project label
  • promotion
    Issues that are directly focused on increasing adoption or communicating a Distilled "brand"
    • Project label
  • testing
    Major testing efforts, separate from routine feature/bug tests
    • Project label
  • won't fix
    I won't implement or patch this feature/bug, because I feel it's unnecessary to solve, impossible to solve, or contrary to the spirit of Distilled.
    • Project label