Commit ea799d64 authored by Dimitris Tassopoulos's avatar Dimitris Tassopoulos

Added support for external custom setup-scripts

parent 797aaec8
......@@ -64,6 +64,18 @@ EOF
# Run append configurations from other compatible meta-layers.
# This helps with BSP layers that they need custom configuration and
# run their own setup scripts.
echo -e "Searching for append setup scripts...\n"
extra_setup_scripts=$(ls -1 $CWD/sources/*/
for extra_script in $extra_setup_scripts; do
if ! basename $extra_script | grep ${MACHINE}; then
echo "Run append script: $extra_script"
$extra_script $(dirname $extra_script)
echo -e "These are the default supported images:\n${LIST_IMAGES}"
cat <<EOF
......@@ -71,4 +83,3 @@ You can now build your image. To build the allwinner-image then run this:
$ bitbake allwinner-image
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