Commit b46cf5f9 authored by JanKusanagi's avatar JanKusanagi

Refactored GlobalObject

parent 070f048e
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......@@ -66,7 +66,7 @@ public:
bool showDeleted, bool hideDuplicates,
bool jumpToNew, int minorFeedSnippets,
int snippetsChars, int snippetsCharsHl,
int mfAvatarIdx, int mfVerbIconType);
int mfAvatarIndex, int mfVerbIconType);
int getPostsPerPageMain();
int getPostsPerPageOther();
bool getShowDeleted();
......@@ -82,10 +82,10 @@ public:
// Post options
void syncPostSettings(int postAvatarIdx, int commentAvatarIdx,
void syncPostSettings(int postAvatarIndex, int commentAvatarIndex,
bool extendedShares, bool showExtraInfo,
bool hlAuthorComments, bool hlOwnComments,
bool postIgnoreSslInImages, bool fullImages);
bool ignoreSslInImages, bool fullImages);
int getPostAvatarIndex();
QSize getPostAvatarSize();
int getCommentAvatarIndex();
......@@ -108,19 +108,19 @@ public:
// Privacy options
void syncPrivacySettings(bool silentFollows, bool silentLists,
bool silentLiking);
bool silentLikes);
bool getSilentFollows();
bool getSilentLists();
bool getSilentLikes();
// Notification options
void syncNotificationSettings(bool notifyTaskbar);
void syncNotificationSettings(bool notifyInTaskbar);
bool getNotifyInTaskbar();
// Tray options
void syncTrayOptions(bool hideInTrayStartup);
void syncTrayOptions(bool hideInTray);
bool getHideInTray();
......@@ -147,7 +147,7 @@ public:
QPair<QString,QString> getDataForNick(QString id);
void setStatusMessage(QString message);
void logMessage(QString message, QString url="");
void logMessage(QString message, QString url=QString());
void storeTimelineHeight(int height);
int getTimelineHeight();
......@@ -174,6 +174,7 @@ signals:
void programShuttingDown();
public slots:
......@@ -184,73 +185,74 @@ private:
// Font options
QString postTitleFontInfo;
QString postContentsFontInfo;
QString commentsFontInfo;
QString minorFeedFontInfo;
QString m_postTitleFontInfo;
QString m_postContentsFontInfo;
QString m_commentsFontInfo;
QString m_minorFeedFontInfo;
// Color options
QStringList colorsList;
QStringList m_colorsList;
// Timeline options
int postsPerPageMain;
int postsPerPageOther;
bool showDeletedPosts;
bool hideDuplicatedPosts;
bool jumpToNewOnUpdate;
int minorFeedSnippetsType;
int snippetsCharLimit;
int snippetsCharLimitHl;
int mfAvatarIndex;
QSize mfAvatarSize;
int mfIconType;
int m_postsPerPageMain;
int m_postsPerPageOther;
bool m_showDeletedPosts;
bool m_hideDuplicatedPosts;
bool m_jumpToNewOnUpdate;
int m_minorFeedSnippetsType;
int m_snippetsCharLimit;
int m_snippetsCharLimitHl;
int m_mfAvatarIndex;
QSize m_mfAvatarSize;
int m_mfIconType;
// Post options
int postAvatarIndex;
QSize postAvatarSize;
int commentAvatarIndex;
QSize commentAvatarSize;
bool postExtendedShares;
bool postShowExtraInfo;
bool postHLAuthorComments;
bool postHLOwnComments;
bool postIgnoreSslInImages;
bool postFullImages;
int m_postAvatarIndex;
QSize m_postAvatarSize;
int m_commentAvatarIndex;
QSize m_commentAvatarSize;
bool m_postExtendedShares;
bool m_postShowExtraInfo;
bool m_postHLAuthorComments;
bool m_postHLOwnComments;
bool m_postIgnoreSslInImages;
bool m_postFullImages;
// Composer options
bool publicPostsByDefault;
bool useFilenameAsTitle;
bool showCharacterCounter;
bool m_publicPostsByDefault;
bool m_useFilenameAsTitle;
bool m_showCharacterCounter;
// Privacy options
bool silentFollowing;
bool silentListsHandling;
bool silentLiking;
bool m_silentFollowing;
bool m_silentListsHandling;
bool m_silentLiking;
// Notification options
bool notifyInTaskbar;
bool m_notifyInTaskbar;
// Tray options
bool hideInTray;
bool m_hideInTray;
// Other stuff
QString dataDirectory;
QString m_dataDirectory;
QStandardItemModel *nickCompletionModel;
QSortFilterProxyModel *filterCompletionModel;
int timelineHeight;
QStandardItemModel *m_nickCompletionModel;
QSortFilterProxyModel *m_filterCompletionModel;
int m_timelineHeight;
bool programClosing;
bool m_programIsClosing;
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